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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Garden Fresh Strawberries

Over a week ago, we had a special Mother’s Day Brunch.  But what made it more fun was our attire!  The dress code was “come as you are”.  Yes, come in your p.j.’s, nightgown, robe, curlers,….!  It was too cute to see these ladies, that you see all dressed up in church, and here they are, as they are!

I was on the committee to plan this event, and one of my duties is to take pictures.  While I was taking pictures of our food table, I saw a bowl of strawberries!  How delicious they looked in the red bowl they were in!  When I ate them, you could tell they were not from the grocery store.  No, these were from a garden!

Garden Fresh Strawberries

Garden Fresh Strawberries watermark


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